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Leonard: I’m the boring thing you’re choosing because I’m good for you.
Penny: The point is, I’m choosing you.
Leonard:Well, it matters a lot! I don’t want to be a bran muffin. I want to be a… Cinnabon, you know? A strawberry Pop-Tart
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Rick Nash mic’d up for Chris Kreider’s goal [x]

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Make me choose

Send me two characters/ships/shows and I’ll tell you through a gifset/picspam/whatever I want to do which one I prefer!

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Mrs Hodgson says he’s a stray. Finders keepers.

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Ep 24 - To Grow Up Or No To Grow Up

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Rae Earl Appreciation Week:


 "Then that’s what you need to tell yourself every time you feel that panic, that anxiety. You need to soothe yourself like you would soothe that little girl."

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get to know me:  [1/?] favourite relationships

Jane Hayes and Henry Nobley // Austenland
"Jane, you are my fantasy."
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En kongelig affære / A Royal Affair (2012).

"Some people are so sealed inside their fate that they hide deep within their mind."

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